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Black-Plated Tungsten Rings

Black-Plated Tungsten Rings

As high fashion has become more mainstream, men can often be very particular about their clothing and accessories, just as, if not more so, than women. Jewelry options for men, especially for wedding bands, were previously rather limited. While in the past, gold and silver were the traditional and popular options in rings, tungsten rings have grown in popularity and prominence in the past decade in the jewelry market. Many men have opted not to wear the brighter, flashier rings in their everyday life that they purchased when they were married. Wedding bands are sometimes replaced with selections that are more practical or updated as styles and tastes change. 

This is a reason tungsten wedding bands are more popular in the market. Tungsten rings are very affordable, and the strength of the material allows for greater variety with inlays, etchings, and plating. Black-plated tungsten rings are a trend now that suits both men and some women. Black plating on a tungsten wedding ring looks very trendy, and is unique and eye-catching compared to some of the more traditional and classic tungsten styles. Black-plated tungsten rings are very fashion forward, while maintaining a timeless style. In addition, black goes with everything, so it makes it easy to fit it into your everyday wardrobe and be an attractive accessory with more formal ensembles. 

Many customers decided to purchase black-plated tungsten wedding bands for men for anniversaries, as a replacement for scratched, tarnished, or no longer fashionable gold wedding bands. Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for, and a black-plated tungsten ring can be the solution! Consider the wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs! Many retailers are now also appealing to their customers’ niche interests, with Lord of the Ring and Batman rings becoming available in black-plated tungsten bands. There are also a number of designer options available, as well as many more classically styled Celtic designs. Black-plated tungsten wedding rings can be a way to find an affordable option for someone

Tungsten rings are wonderfully designed, with a very comfortable comfort fit band that ensures ease of wear. It is important to do your research, however, and make sure you buy a tungsten wedding band from a retailer who assures you that the rings are cobalt free. Cobalt is sometimes used as an alloy in tungsten rings; it can cause irritation of the skin and oxidation on the ring, (which cannot be polished). Reputable online retailers will include this information in the item description. Keeping that in mind, black-plated tungsten rings can be an excellent choice for anyone!

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