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Titanium Ring Testimonial


Raul Arrazabal Verified  verify


Wasnt expecting much from this order and took a chance, so glad I did! Lost wedding ring n this was the replacement but cant even tell the difference. Good thing too since I was about to buy a thinner titanium ring at Zales for 6 times the price

10 months ago

Barbara Wiltrout Verified  verify


was purchased for myself

5 months ago

Jodie V Verified  verify


Very simple very pretty. Runs a bit big. I got a size 9 and it's definitely at least a quarter to a half size bigger. Don't bother sending it back we'll just try to put it on a different finger and find something else that I'll be looking for in the right size.

3 years ago

Jacqueline Shaw-Heller Verified  verify


Very pleased with this ring, it is so comfortable. The titanium is a little darker color than the picture, but still very attractive. The size fit me perfectly. Excellent purchase.

2 years ago

Rodney G Verified  verify


Very nice, comfortable rings.

1 year ago

Jacques J Motiff Verified  verify


Very nice ring. It is very solid with a nice weight to it. It is darker than a silver or white gold ring, but I rather like that about it. I lost my wedding ring in the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago. My wife bought a very cheap replacement in one of the souvenir shops on the beach that I have worn since. We bought this for not much more than what she paid for that ring. We also bought her a new ring and will get them blessed and exchange them on our 25th anniversary this June.

5 years ago

Denise ridener Verified  verify


Very nice ring, light weight, highly polished, just the right width. Very pleased with this purchase.

2 years ago

Loudog Verified  verify


Very nice looking ring, but unfortunately not my size, it is too big. Will have to return it and get the same ring but one size smaller.

2 years ago

W Short Verified  verify


Very nice

3 weeks ago

Joe T Verified  verify


Very light weight and true to size.

Annette Davis Verified  verify


This ring is very simple but beautiful!

4 months ago

Ameer thomas Verified  verify


This ring is great. I work all over the place inside outside and if the ring gets dirty I just wipe and it's back shining. No scratches either. On another note. I did crack my drivers side tho smoking a cigarette with the ring. Gots to be more careful!!! Lol

3 years ago

Missy811 Verified  verify


This ring is great! Simple, classic, fantastic deal. It scratches easily, but you can't see them unless you're looking for them. Ring came quickly.

3 years ago

Liz Verified  verify


This ring is beautiful

3 months ago

Marcus Q Public Verified  verify


This little round piece of titanium is the best thing since sliced bread. Having been through 7 lost wedding bands, this little $10 piece of martial bliss is a life saver. In fact, I bought 2 since we all know it's just a matter of time before this one goes on a trip to wedding band neverland. When this one disappears, I'll just grab my crotch, shake it, and scoff at the jewelry gods because I have another $10 ring in the hopper! If you loose it, who cares! You paid more for that pizza you ate last night!

3 years ago

Robert Atkinson Verified  verify


This is the third Titanium ring I bought and I think this Tigrade brand does appear to be a bit higher quality than the others with a bit more lustrous finish. I will be watching to see if it is harder and therefore scratches less readily.

3 years ago

IEstrada9000 Verified  verify


This is my wedding ring. My wife loves it on me. Its a happy medium to a white polish and a dark metal finish. The mirror finish on the Tungsten looks very sharp and is darker than the other polished Titanium rings, which is what I like about it. I've had it for a month now and have worked on my vehicle a few times, shot and cleaned my guns, and I go to the gym several days a week and the finish is still like new so I'm sure I don't have to worry too much about ruining the ring.6mm may sound "small" considering how popular the 8mm+ rings seem to be but I assure you the ring isn't pet

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4 years ago

KC Verified  verify


This is amazing. She wears it constantly, even when she showers or lifts. No damage, no fading, no color discoloration.

9 months ago

James Andrew Verified  verify


This is a well crafted ring.

7 months ago

Kari Klocko Verified  verify


This is a very light weight ring and keeps its shine which means there will be less trips to the jewellers. Although it has a mid grey hue it gives off a masculine look which is good for men. After harsh conditions this ring seems to show no scratches.

3 years ago


Lucas B Creole Verified  verify


Super comfortable and light, dont buy this if scratches bother you. I previously had a tungsten ring that I out grew. I bought a size 9 6mm. Perfect fit.

4 months ago

Jaqueline Verified  verify


Such a great ring for the price! I highly recommend this product .

7 months ago

Amazing Amber Verified  verify


Sturdy ring. Nice fit. Comes with the word titanium stamped on the inside.

1 year ago

Michael Parrillo Verified  verify


Sooo Dark Needs to be Silver dipped

5 months ago

Andy Verified  verify


So far so good. Shipped on time. Slowly scratching over time, but it was super cheap... so whatever.

1 year ago

Talon Verified  verify


Since getting married I have been collecting different and colorful wedding rings to wear for different occasions and this is a great addition!Thank you

2 years ago

Smileyface_girl Verified  verify


Simply lovely, shiny ring! Fits perfectly. I hope it won’t fade.

1 year ago

Boldly Went Verified  verify


Simple, well crafted, elegant. This band is modest and not at all pretentious. A solid choice for any man. The mirror finish is slick and the smooth inner bevel makes it very comfortable to wear at all times. The price is very competitive as well.

5 years ago

Donna K Verified  verify


Seems like a great product- certainly reasonable. Arrived on time as described

2 months ago

JL Baldwin Verified  verify


Runs true to size I like very comfortable fit and I can wear it all day evening doing dishes or working it stays beautiful and shiny the only thing is I though it would match my gold band I didn’t realize there’s one call white titanium so I have ordered that one .. but I highly recommend this ring too it a good fitting and feeling on my finger doesn’t turn my finger green well made don’t regret the purchase

2 months ago

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