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She Deserves a beautiful Engagement Ring!

Wedding Rings

She Deserves a beautiful Engagement Ring!

Wedding Rings

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Ultra Luxury Jewelry products at a fraction of the price at the regular jewelry store. Your ultimate wedding rings and Jewelry store. We have a variety of tungsten rings, titanium rings, wedding sets bands, necklaces, watches and many other beautiful jewelry for all your needs. At New Wedding Rings we pride ourself with high quality jewelry and wedding bands. Some of our most popular rings include: Wood Wedding Rings- Titanium Wedding Rings- Silicone Wedding Rings - Ring with meteorite and wood rings. We have a great variety of Wedding Bands for Men, Man Ring and Man’s Wedding Ring that you're looking for. Some of our popular search include: Wedding Ring for Men - Mens rings bands - Men black wedding band Wood rings.

All rights reserved. New Wedding Rings is not affiliated with Rolex S.A., Rolex USA, or any of its subsidiaries. We are an independent jewelry dealer and is not sponsored by, associated with and/or affiliated with Rolex, S.A. , Citizen Watch, skagen, Seiko Watch, Corporation ( Rolex USA, Rolex S.A.) We carry titanium wedding rings, titanium engagement rings. Our best selling wedding rings are Mens comfort fit wedding bands, knot promise ring, and blue wedding band.

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New Wedding Ring 8MM Men's Black Carbon Tungsten Carbide Ring Wedding Band
This comfort-fit, 8MM tungsten ring for men is the best accessory to any outfit. Featuring a sleek, high polish with beveled edges and a black carbon fiber inlay. Constructed of scratch-proof tungsten carbide material (cobalt-free), the second hardest next to...
$297.95 $99.95
7mm Polished Tungsten Wedding Band with Golden Colored Celtic Dragon Inlay Size 4-15
Features: Brand New Item! Great Anniversary Gift! Comfort Fit Cobalt Free Unisex 7mm Tungsten Carbide Band Sleek Tungsten Ring - Not Resizable but we are more than happy to exchange it for you. Shape: Flat with Beveled Edges; Finish: Polished...
$499.95 $99.95
Premium Silicone Wedding Ring for Men, Particularly Breathable Mens' Rubber Wedding Bands, Size 8 9 10 11 12 13, for Athletes Crossfit Workout
Black Features: BREATHABLE DESIGN - Internal diamond pattern design prevent moisture trapping. Don't worry to get a ring mark even wearing for a long time. PREMIUM SILICONE- Our rings are all made of pure medical grade silicone.They're comfortable,smooth,non-conductive and definitely...
$199.95 $79.95
6mm Polished Tungsten with Golden Colored Celtic Dragon Inlay Wedding Band Size 4-17
  Golden Color Celtic Dragon Inlay 6mm Comfort Fit Cobalt Free Tungsten Carbide Band Sleek Tungsten Carbide Ring - Not Resizable but we are more than happy to exchange it for you. Shape: Flat with Beveled Edges; Finish: Polished **Please...
$399.95 $99.95
Premium 6mm Tungsten Carbide Mens Ring Promise wedding band Great Satin Center Wedding Band
  Great Special Occasion or Graduation Gift! Comfort Fit Cobalt Free Band Sleek Unisex Ring (Not resizable) Shape: Flat with step beveled edges Finish: Satin Center, Polished Edges We Guarantee Each Tungsten Ring Sold in Our Store Stands for the...
$399.95 $129.95
Promise Ring Ultra Thin 5mm Tungsten Carbide Black Carbon Fiber Wedding Band Size 4-16
  5mm Tungsten Carbide & Black Carbon Fiber Ring Comfort Fit Band Sleek Unisex Ring Shape: Flat with beveled edges Finish: High Polished This beautiful band is perfect for any occasion. Its solid tungsten carbide and black carbon fiber inlay...
$399.95 $99.95
New Wedding Ring Tungsten Wedding Band Ring 8mm for Men Women Comfort Fit Celtic Knot 18K Yellow Gold Plated Step Beveled Edge Brushed Polished
This wonderful and beautiful gold plated tungsten carbide Celtic love knot ring is one of the most popular designer wedding rings. This Gold Plated Tungsten Carbide ring’s edges are highly polished which gives the ring an everlasting beauty. The ring...
$399.95 $99.95
Premium 8mm Tungsten Rings for Men Women Wedding Bands Abalone Shell and Koa Wood Inlay Domed Polished Shiny Comfort Fit
Color: 8mm Silver Tungsten Features: 8mm Tungsten Wedding Bands Engagement Rings for Men Women Abalone Shell and Koa Wood Inlay Silver, Black Colors Available. Cool Design Perfect Tungsten Wedding Ring Suit for Both Men and Women. We Guarantee Each Tungsten...
$399.95 $99.95
8mm Hawaiian Wood Tungsten Rings for Men Women Black Domed Wedding Bands Size 7-14
Color: Black+Imitated Opal Features: Imitated Opal Inlay: The center of the ring surface is inlaid with shiny imitated opal, making it a stunning look Hawaiian Koa Wood Inlay: The two sides of imitated opal are inlaid with Hawaiian koa wood,...
$399.95 $99.95
Premium Inner Arc Ergonomic Breathable Design,Silicone Wedding Ring for Men with Dual Color,Breathable Rubber Wedding Bands for Athletes Fitness Workout
Color: SETA-Black-Black,Black-Black Gray,Black-Burgundy,Black-Dark Blue Features: BREATHABLE DESIGN -Adopting ergonomic design concept,curved design of 33.8 degree,won't fully touch the skin.While keeping the ring stable,avoid keeping water within the rings and prevent sweating.Don't worry to get a ring mark even wearing for...
$399.95 $99.95

Looking for a gift for anniversary present, birthday present or just because present?

Looking for the significant occasions to assist with bringing the correct gift for your thought. Regardless of in case you're commending a first anniversary or a multi year anniversary, a wedding anniversary, a promise ring party is constantly treasured and acknowledged. Let us be your guide in finding the ideal anniversary or birthday present for him or for her today. We have thousands of items include:
Tungsten Rings, Titanium Rings, Fashion Ring, Anniversary Rings, Anniversary Gifts, Wedding Bands, Mens Wedding Rings Gold Tungsten Rings, Carbon Fiber Rings and more. Show your wedding party the amount they intend to you with a delightful bridesmaid blessing, groomsman blessing, or even rose young lady promise from our wedding party blessing guide at New Wedding Rings. We also Offer you silicone wedding rings for men titanium wedding rings titanium engagement rings all the best to the lady and man of the hour with stunning gems, for example, solitaire studs, tungsten matching rings or titanium anniversary rings for the lady of the hour and an exemplary watch for the husband to be. Promise matching ring set is one of the best option.

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Matching promise rings, tungsten carbide rings and mens wood wedding bands are extremely popular and cheap in comparison to platinum or traditional gold wedding band. Tungsten wedding rings size 14 mens wedding band are the bigger size that we carry but most of the time you can't find that at a traditional jewelry store. Black titanium wedding rings and blue wedding band with comfort fit wedding are very durable and can last a lifetime. Mens cobalt wedding bands mens wedding bands are some of the rings we will be carrying soon.

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Shop diamond wedding bands for her and for him, in yellow gold, white gold, and more, and discover the ring you’ll love wearing every day—as long as you both shall live.

Tungsten Wedding bands and sizes from 4-17

Some of the matching tungsten rings and black bridal sets size 17 are great for men who have big fingers. We also sell mens rings and promise rings for newly wed and also as anniversary presents. Men blue wedding rings are some of the most popular tungsten rings and also men18k gold wedding are great designs. If you're looking for ring size 9 engagement rings or size 4 engagement rings we have a great selection or you.Mens wedding bands and mens blue titanium wedding bands are our specialty. We also carry celtic promise rings and black tungsten wedding rings because our customer demand these rings. Silicone wedding rings for men and carbon fiber rings are rising in popularity in compare to 18k, and diamond rings, titanium ring size 4 wedding is one of the smallest size that we carry. We do have ring sizes from 4-17.

Engaged and planning your cinematic wedding? But still, looking for a wedding ring and donít know where to start? We make this tedious work simpler for you. After reading this post, everything that you need to know about how to buy a wedding ring is at your fingertips. 

We just explain the things in much simpler and bullet-pointed statements and rest depends on your choices and preferences. Before jumping to the main topic, let's clear some basics about the bridal wedding ring and wedding bands.

What is a wedding ring and why people wear them?

A wedding ring is nothing but a plain fabricated band or cupped with precious stones like diamonds that you receive on the vows of the wedding ceremony and symbolizes your union with your partner.

Traditionally, they were generally employed in the fourth finger of the left hand because of the thought that veins of the fourth finger directly connected to the heart. 

But this statement canít be correct because each finger is webbed through veins to the heart for blood circulation. Therefore, you are good-to-go, if you want to hook-up the ring in any other fingers. But don't forget to get a matched ring size or band set for those fingers. And again it seems uncultured too.

Difference between a Wedding Ring and an Engagement Ring

From now, you get to know what is a wedding ring? Now, it's time to switch the topic and learned the basics of engagement rings. 

So, what is an engagement ring? These rings encourage you to ask your mate that he or she would be interested or not in sharing their life and space with you.

They are generally given at the time of proposing a girl for the marriage. Women wear an engagement ring from the time of the proposal to the wedding day. And on the day of the wedding, the wedding ring replaces the engagement ring. (not necessarily)

Hence, it can be considered as a mutual agreement of spending time together. 

Does engagement rings look the same as the wedding ring? No, itís not. They are just like wedding rings but are more polished and attractive. They might be inlaid by carats of the diamond which are sweetly spotted on the ring with carved flowers.

And as said earlier, engagement rings are often gets replaced by unique bridal wedding ring sets on the ceremony date. 

What if you want to stack both wedding and engagement rings? You can do that, in fact, some people used to wear both the rings either in both hands or in the same handís fourth finger.

Traditionally, both rings were worn on the fourth finger, but speaking in contrast to convenience you can wear your engagement ring in one hand and wedding ring on the other.

Now you know whats the basics of a diamond ring. It's time to hit the list and find out how should you buy a ring for your dream wedding. 

Tips on How To Buy a Wedding Ring.

Here is your step-by-step shopping guide for your wedding ring. You can use these pointers to jumpstart your search and find the most praising ring for you and your partner's unique Bridal sets.

1. Visualizing your ideal wedding ring

Have you ever dreamed of quality time with your partner? All do. Similarly, dreaming of what type of ring you want to wear could help you to make appropriate choices. Still, you're too confused, it's time to trace down your searching ability. 

It starts with googling things and going through catalogs that suit your personal affection and personality. In doing so, snap a  bunch of screenshots of recommended design that you think gonna suit your wedding rings and bands.

Meanwhile try to finalize other important things like a list of metals, gemstones or carving style that you want on your rings.

And don't forget to ask your partnerís opinion about wedding rings. You can also get some wedding ring ideas by visiting our favorite wedding rings and band sets for couples.

So, keeping a clear image in your mind can help you to get what you 're looking for yourself and for your partner.

2. Educate yourself so that you can Avoid ripping-off

Knowing what to buy and knowing how to buy, are two different things.

Planning to buy a wedding ring, for sure is not a fun exercise. Also spending time on research and studying about rings adds more boredom to this. You eventually frustrated by the responsibilities and pressure of the counter clicking clock.

So, it better to grab a coffee jar and start educating yourself as early as from the date of the wedding.

You should not restrict yourself in exploring and studying only about various metals and gems that can you use in your wedding rings but also what precautions should be practiced to avoid any fraudulent.

Questions like "Which carats of diamonds suited on the ring?" to "What is the refund policies or any hidden cost?" should consider.

This will not only insure what to buy but also how to buy a ring with proper paperwork. By doing this, you can eliminate the most jaw-breaking aspects i.e. buying a 'fake' ring.

So, investing time in studying, surely not only pays you off in the form of a unique wedding ring sets but also avoiding any ripped-off screenplays by fraudulent.

Hence, doing some pre-studies will not only saves your money but also avoids being ripped off. This would also help you to decide what to buy without exceeding your budget.

3. Setting a budget

You are at the stage of a new beginning of life, before that you might have a budget to purchase a Tesla truck but what's now?

Do you have that much money to fuel your wedding ring to the cost of a new Tesla truck? Ya! Spending that much seems to be a foolish idea. So, what will be the fair amount for a wedding ring? My answer is whatever you are comfortable with spending.

And for God's sake! don't make decisions based on your bank account numbers or what jewelers say, as most of them just want to cuts your pockets. Meanwhile, don't fall for old marketing tactics of spending three monthsí salary in wedding rings. That's would be the dumbest Idea.

Two more ways to decide a budget smartly

I want to mention two more things that might help you in deciding your budget.

First is, setting an upper limit for your purchases based on what you think you can afford. And second is, talk to your spouse, as from now its not only your money. She has also rights to decide what will be the best amount to spend on your wedding ring and band set.

Now you may think, what if I buy a wedding ring on a loan? Yes, you can do so. But here, you have to pay an additional interest from your pocket. Doing so, not only adds additional EMI to pay but also makes your financial freedom unstable.

One more quote I want to add here is, "why you blow your finances by overspending on a ring before starting a new life?" As you can gift her a new one on your 5th or 10th anniversary with a surprise.

So, you don't have to spend too much amount of money (not only on the wedding rings but also on the wedding ceremony itself) that bank starts alarming you for your bouncing cheques. 

You can also check our affordable collection of Bridal ring sets

4. Choosing a Metal for your Wedding Ring

You heard of some precious metals most commonly are platinum, gold, and silver. And some uncommon but trendings metals are Tungsten Carbon fiber and Titanium Rings.

And the best thing with metal is you can mold it based on your customization. So, you can order a gold ring that has platinum prongs to holds a gemstone like green emeralds or diamond.

In addition, when you hit a shop, you probably find platinum, yellow gold, and white gold wedding rings whose prices are vary based on carats. A simple ring from these metals costs you a couple of thousands of dollars but adding gems like diamonds skyrockets the prices.

So, you have decided which metal to buy? One more consideration should keep in mind is before choosing metal is whether or not you want setting setup.

If you want then, believe me, platinum is the best metal for your ring. But what if your bride wants a yellow gold ring, what options I have now? In this scenario, you can fill the ring band with gold that latched by a platinum setting for your gemstones.

Wondering why I hate gold for the setting? The answer is in its property. Gold tends to loosen with the time that can cause the fall of your precious gemstones that make ring unwearable. And again you have to invest in the setting and maintenance.

To confined with a masculine body, the common choice for men's wedding bands will be platinum. Because platinum is heavy weighted metals. And that states the reason why most menís wedding bands are made with platinum.

5. Deciding Customization and Design

If youíre the kind of person who doesn't have experience buying any sort of jewelry then these suggestions might save your time.

First, ask yourself how much she wears other ornaments? If she doesn't wear too much jewelry, it signifies that she doesn't have much desire to wear those pendulums like setting stones on her wedding ring. And in that case, go for simple and a discrete ring.

Now, you have to know whether or not she loves jewelry shopping. If she loves to buy jewels, she might know what style she likes. So, this will eliminate your major problem of choosing a style. You also get to know what's the style she like that helps you in the future. Therefore, this is a win-win situation for both of you.

Now you have to cuddle your thoughts and figure out the design or carving your spouse likes when it comes to detailing.

If you both unsure about what kind of your wedding rings and bands styles and shapes to choose, visit New weddings unique rings collection sets before you buy a wedding ring.

6. Rings that match your finger

One more important aspect that everyone might forget in their to-do list of buying is taking consideration of the length and width of your finger other than ring size. These are a couple of key things you should notice:

A. For Long fingers: If you have long fingers then try to use wider bands that can complement your elongated fingers. Avoid using circular stones over square ones.

B. For Short fingers: If you are gifted with tiny fingers, the narrow-width band can create an illusion of a lengthened finger. And best-suited sitting for this would be the Oval, pear or rectangular emerald.

C. For Wider fingers: Narrowing and thinning the walls on either side of the finger with medium to the thick band, looks nicer. And if you are interested in diamonds then larger rounded diamonds should be the preferred choice for you.

7. Your ring at work

While buying a wedding ring you shouldn't ignore the lifestyle of you or your partner is going to live. So, how to choose a wedding ring based on your lifestyle- the following tabulated summary can help you decide the best wedding ring for her.

If her Work Involves: You Might Consider that in Ring
Complicated Situations: police officer, social worker, security guard Avoid big, dazzling diamond, but if you want a diamond then switch to smaller diamonds. Our considerations are to buy a simple band wedding ring.
Affluent professionals: Manager, fashion designer, boutique owner, etc. This time you have to show your creativity. The ring must describe his professions. The design maybe something like a larger fancy diamond in the center with braided designs on the ring base.
Dirty work: gardener, chef, etc.

Try to eliminate any channels or braided gaps style and also avoid the setting part in a ring. You should also consider whether the rings fits under the gloves or not.
Work where you use your hands and finger more: office worker, bank teller, factory worker, artist
Avoid using raised stones as it may get catch up to other things.
Caring people: teacher, nurse, physician, physical therapist.
Avoid using sharp edges rings with a lower set of gemstones.

8. Think Longevity & be Overwhelmed

Think long term you are going to wear wedding bands for a long period of time. So, try to think longer in term of durability without compromising with trendy fashion. But don't be hard on choosing a trend as you just have to go through a couple of magazines and you know what is fashionable nowadays. 

As you know trends get changed when you are in your 40s or 60s so does your wedding ring, and you can easily mold the old one and get a new one in that place.

9. Cost-effective Maintenance

There are a lot of prescribed ways by which you can make your unique ring set continues to shine longer. You just need to soak your ring within a lukewarm water bowel followed by gently brushing out all the color fading layers.

This works well for a couple of years but at a passage of three to five years, your rings lose its shine. Gold is more prone to get fades its shine in contrast to platinum.

10. Time to get your dream ring home

So, you get all your ammunition ready to hit the shops. There are two platforms to buy a Wedding Ring and Band Sets.

A. Shopping at Shops

When you buy from an offline store then you have only a piece of limited facet information about the boxes in glasses. Here, you have to opt-out jewels based on the outlooks. Though more customization can be added if you want so.

But the major problem is to find a trustworthy jeweler. If you have old relations with jewelers then it would be great but finding a new one is very hard.

Nailed down all your requirements to the jewelers and ask for their suggestion then discuss with your spouse about any other changes.

After that, you must check the standards like AGS (American Gemological Society) and the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certification to ensure you are getting what you're paying for.

Try to talk to jewelers about the final prices and Vat charges before doing final purchasing.

B. Shopping on Online Platform

This would be a great idea if you are familiar with purchasing online. But if you are new to this platform, don't forget to request documentation with proper address details. Then double-check the documents with the order number.

There are very few platforms that are well popular but our wedding ring set collection can make you wonder with too many options with irresistible pricing and proper documentation. 

Final Verdict and Recommendations

I hope this will blend all your ideas, and juice it up in one clear direction for what you're searching for. So, do your homework well, educate yourself and save yourself from later on headaches.

I am sure that if you followed the above-mentioned pointers you would get you personalized bridal wedding rings and bands. 

You can also revive the most beautiful bridal wedding rings sets or necklaces in pop culture below, and then shop our picks to bring your prettiest look at your wedding day.

General FAQ

1. Do you always wear your wedding ring? Why?
No, it is not necessary to wear them all along. Though the wedding ring is a symbol of marriage that doesn't mean you always have to wear. So, when you're feeling uncomfortable take it off.

2. Which ring is majorly used as a wedding ring?
For men, major wedding bands are simple rounded platinum disk. And for a lady, diamond rings or diamond solitaires would be the best option.

3. What are some of the best wedding ring designs?
You can check the best trending wedding ring design from our favorite collection suits.

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